This intensive course two day course is designed for sales and marketing staff involved in the organisation/planning/delivery of complex projects supporting any of the following:

  • Multiple contributors
  • Multiple reviewers/approval steps
  • Complex, long or challenging timelines
  • Parallel tasks
  • Cost based on supplier time
  • Regular progress updates and completion estimates

For Example:

  • Annual Brand Planning
  • Cycle Promotional planning
  • Pre-launch/launch planning
  • Market research or Advisory Board planning
  • Market Access or Regulatory approvals planning
  • Salesforce Training/Learning & Development planning
  • Healthcare Professional Educational Event planning
  • Salesforce Territory planning

This course is applicable to all levels of Pharma Sales & Marketing experience - for example:

  • Brand or Marketing Managers
  • Marketing Directors
  • Sales Managers
  • Sales Directors
  • Marketing Operations/Planners
  • Sales Training Managers
  • Market Research Managers
  • Business Analysis Managers
  • Market Access Managers

  • This course is also appropriate for non-marketing staff involved in complex projects wanting a deeper understanding of the project management practical tools & concepts - for example:
  • Sales Operations
  • Sales Force Effectiveness
  • Event Managers

Note: No prior knowledge of project management software (e.g. Microsoft Project) is required for this practical one day course.


An Introduction to Project Management for the Healthcare Business executive.

Very few S&M staff contain "Project Manager" in their title but almost all are expected to deliver complex projects on a regular or ongoing basis, usually with many projects running in parallel! For the majority of S&M staff with no formal or accredited Project Management training (e.g. Diploma of Project Management), using formalised project management, is like hiring a large accounting firm to balance their cheque account and yet, when Project Management principles and techniques are adapted to the Healthcare Business Executive's environment, they are an invaluable tool in helping deliver projects - 'on-time' and 'on-budget' - without the associated excessive 'project-stress'

This concentrated two day course is designed to introduce you to project management and to give you an understanding of project management concepts & tools that are valuable to the Healthcare Marketer. In addition, the course will translate the concepts into practical skills that you will be able to use in your day-to-day marketing role.

At the end of this course you will:

  • Understand the reasons for project success
  • Plan any marketing project effectively
  • Manage and control any project
  • Identifying the risks in project implementation and completion
  • Use the project plan as a communication tool
  • Understand project management principles and how they can be applied to any marketing or sales project
  • Understand how to integrate 'project methodology' with day to day tasks to effectively monitor and set your priorities to deliver your key objectives


The program combines both theory & practice into a two day course:


Session One: The BIG Picture

'Lost in Translation' - what is a 'business project' and how can engineering construction or production oriented project management principles be applied to daily business life?

'No project is an Island' - Project management and Time management

PM Software - help or hinderance?

  • Identifying and profiling stakeholders
  • Identifying and setting deliverables

These activities are absolutely critical foundations to the design & implementation of a project plan

Session Two: The DRAWING BOARD

Creating a project plan requires:

  • Identifying and dealing with project risks
  • Developing the project schedule
  • Without these elements, the efficiency and effectiveness of your plan can be compromised


Session Three: The DRAWING BOARD

Creating a project plan requires:

  • Idenitifying and dealing with project risks.
  • Developing the project schedule.
  • Without these elements, the efficiency and effectiveness of your plan can be compromised.

Session Four: Workshop I

Course Dinner


Session Five: The Review

  • Check the quality of your project approaches and optimise the schedule to ensure success

Session Six: Your plan in ACTION

  • Implement - work with your project team
  • Monitor - manage project meetings
  • Finalise your project - lessons learnt

Session Seven: Workshop II


This hands-on practical training program will require the use of a laptop throughout the course. Every session requires training exercises to be completed on participant laptops. Windows or Mac laptops with MS Excel are required and basic knowledge of MS Excel is assumed. 
Note - project management specific software (e.g. MS Project) is beyond the scope of this two day program


Below is a non-exhaustive list of healthcare executives who participated in this training course:

Product Manager --- Allergan

Marketing Manager --- Baxter Healthcare

Product Manager --- Baxter Healthcare

Brand Manager --- Eli Lilly Australia

Associate Brand Manager --- Eli Lilly Australia

Project & Support Manager --- Lundbeck Australia

Product Manager --- Merck Serono

Marketing Coordinator --- Merck Serono

Associate Product Manager --- MSD

Product Manager --- Novo Nordisk Australasia

Senior Product Manager --- Novo Nordisk Australasia

Associate Brand Manager --- Pfizer

Brand Manager --- Pfizer

Group Brand Manager --- Roche Products

Brand Manager --- Roche Products

Product Manager --- Sanofi

Marketing Associate Director --- Shire

Product Manager --- Shire


"Good introductory course for those with limited experience or project management background " – Group Brand Manager, Roche
“Recommended for those with little/no experience with project management... ” – Brand Manager, Roche
“Good review of the fundamentals & benefits of project management. I would recommend to all my colleagues” – Product Manager, Novo Nordisk
“Excellent course, enabling me to take a more structured approach to marketing projects...” – Product Manager, Baxter
“Found every session to be valuable since they complemented each other. The PERT flow chart exercise was excellent” – Product Manager, Shire
“I can see the practical application of the course learnings to my work situation - would definetly recommend to my colleagues” – Brand Manager, Roche
“Helps me to focus on the areas of a marketing project (for a Brand etc.) where the project can fall down/run over time or over budget. Great intro to PM ” – Product Manager, Merck Serono
“Good summary of the key concepts and application of project management for my use” – Senior Product Manager, Shire
“Excellent course covering the detail that is required for effective planning” – Marketing co-ordinator, Merck Serono
“Excellent course - allowed me to refresh my knowledge of project management and helped me to apply PM concepts to my role” – Project & Support Manager, Lundbeck
“The course looked at all aspects of PM and made you think about the process you automatically use for projects... and allows you to adopt course learnings for harder/longer projects” –Associate Director of Marketing, Shire


Dates: Thu 17 - Fri 18 September, 2015
Venue: The Westin or Sheraton on the Park, Sydney NSW
Note - venue to be confirmed and registrants advised closer to the event date (usually 2-4 weeks prior)

Please note: If necessary, the APMRG may modify the program, venue/date.
To obtain the course brochure (pdf) or further course details please contact us


Earlybird (until 21 July 2015) - Standard pricing: $4,474 + GST. APMRG Member discount pricing: $3,974 + GST.
After earlybird (after 21 July 2015) - Standard pricing: $4,974 + GST. APMRG Member discount pricing: $4,474 + GST.
Includes all meals and course dinner. Accomodation or travel costs are not included. Credit card fees & charges apply.


Registrations are TBA, 2017.