This intensive two day course is designed for professionals who are or will be, involved in brand or business analysis & planning for the healthcare sector and are:

  • Currently in roles which involve marketing or selling Pharma/Healthcare products/services
  • Currently in Market Access, Regulatory or clinical roles which involve use of secondary data for the healthcare sector
  • Currently in Business Planning, Market Research or Business Analyst roles for the healthcare sector
  • Working in the healthcare sector and aiming to get into a role involving use of healthcare sector secondary data
  • Currently supplying or aim to supply, consulting services to the healthcare sector
  • New to the Australian Healthcare system

This secondary data essentials course is primarily intended for those with relatively little healthcare marketing experience (up to 3-5 years) but is applicable to all levels of Sales and Marketing experience due to the wide ranging topics covered - for example:

  • Brand or Marketing Managers, Associate Brand Managers and Marketing Assistants
  • Sales Managers and Key Account Managers
  • Market Access Managers
  • Commercial (or S&M) Excellence Directors, Business Planning managers and Business/SFE Analysts
  • Market Research/Customer Insights Managers

Note: Fundamentals of pharmaceutical marketing will not be covered in this course. Although not a pre-requisite, the APMRG recommends the "Introduction to Pharma Marketing" training course for those looking to improve their understanding of the Pharma Marketing role.


This concentrated two day course is designed to provide an overview of Pharma/Healthcare Secondary Data sources available in Australia, as it applies to strategic market analysis and S&M KPIs while enabling users to understand how to best utilise secondary data for improved decision making. The course is aimed at professionals with a background in either the Pharma or Healthcare sector looking to improve their knowledge and use of public and private secondary data sources to enable them to make better business decisions.
At the end of this course you will:

  • Expand your understanding of the Healthcare data available from Federal & State governments
  • Appreciate the complexities of using data from multiple data sources (e.g. to define patient flows)
  • Understand the process to measure the quality of your data
  • Know which data sources will assist you to monitor success within the GP, Hospital or any other Healthcare sector
  • Understand the source(s) of your packaged data
  • Know where to get more help/support/advice
  • Appreciate the options in utilising your valued data for a variety of purposes while understanding the trade-off
  • Understand the advanced skills required to manipulate specific specialised data
  • Have practical examples of the data sources and their use
  • Gain an appreciation of how to use these data sources to make better business decisions
  • See how to perform strategic market analysis and implement S&M KPIs using these data sources



Session One: Helicopter view

  • Establish a clear view of your marketplace
  • - What's Available
  • - What's Missing
  • - What's Overlapping

Session Two: Macro-environment

  • This session will focus on key federal government data sources from a variety of departments including:
  • ABS - Australian Bureau of Statistics
  • AHIW - Australian Institute of Health & Welfare
  • PBS - Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme
  • MBS - Medicare Benefits Schedule
  • Other government data sources and publications

Session Three: Micro-environment

  • This session will focus on Federal/State government or University/Hospital funded or supported data sources including :
  • BEACH - Bettering the Evaluation and Care of Health
  • Disease Registries
  • Treatment Databases

Networking Drinks & Course Dinner


Session Four: Data Quality

  • Definitions of Data Quality for Healthcare data
  • Simple steps for quality assessment
  • Traps to avoid

Session Five: Prescription & Diagnosis data

  • GP Panels
  • Specialist Panels

Session Six: Dispensing & Invoice/Sales data

  • Covering all the available data sources

Session Seven: SFE & Promotion Monitors

  • Covering all the standard (and some unique) data sources


Below is a non-exhaustive list of healthcare executives who participated in this training course:

Business Systems Analyst --- Bayer

Customer Facing Excellence Manager --- Bayer

CRM Systems Manager --- CSL Biotherapies

Senior Sales Analyst --- CSL Biotherapies

Business Effectiveness Director --- CSL Biotherapies

Brand Manager --- Eli Lilly

Senior Market Analyst --- Gilead

Business Development Manager --- HCN

Manager Strategic Solutions --- HCN

Sr. Analyst --- HCN

Senior Product Manager --- MSD

Commercial Effectiveness Analyst --- Novartis

Marketing Insights and Analytics Associate --- Novartis

Strategic Marketing Specialist --- Novartis

Sales & Marketing Manager --- Novo Nordisk

Senior Product Manager --- Novo Nordisk

Associate Brand Manager --- Pfizer

Business Analytics Manager --- Pfizer

Business Analyst --- Pfizer

Commercial Portfolio Manager --- Pfizer

Senior Consultant --- Practice Profiles

Business Analyst --- Roche

Sales & Marketing Associate --- Sanofi

Market Research Analyst --- Sanofi

Strategic Coordination Manager --- Servier

Data Manager and Analyst --- Servier


"A great course, not only for beginner but also for anyone who has been in the industry but didn’t have a chance to understand the details. Great, experienced presenters! It’s amazing to realise that there’s still a lot of things you don’t know about, even the data sources you are already using. A great event to learn more!" – Market Research Analyst, Sanofi
“...covers whole smorgasbord of Brand plan data uses/abuses...[which I] could have used from Day 1. Probably good course to be a pre-requisite for all newbie marketers” – Brand Manager, Eli Lilly
"Excellent overview of secondary data sources – provides the basics for people new to the industry, but there’s also time to dig deeper & go beyond the basics. Excellent 2 days". -Business Analytics Manager, Pfizer
"This course should be essential for all pharmaceutical analysts and brand managers" – CRM Systems Manager, CSL
"Comprehensive course, delivering good insights about what data to use, when/where and why/how – definitely recommend!" – Senior Product Manager, MSD
"I believe this is a great course for both analyst & Brand Managers. It gives you a great overview of all the data sources that is available to you" - Senior Sales Analyst, CSL
"Good use of my two day investment - recommended" – Sales & Marketing Manager, Novo Nordisk "This program really clarified what data is currently available & where it fits in regard to answering business questions. This was a very practical course with plenty to take away & explore back in the office" – Senior Market Analyst, Gilead Sciences
"Excellent source for those learning. Case studies are good addition to course structure but good to review as a group after each exercise" - Market Research Analyst, Sanofi


Dates: TBC
Venue: The Westin or Sheraton on the Park, Sydney NSW
Note - venue to be confirmed and registrants advised closer to the event date (usually 2-4 weeks prior)

Please note: If necessary, the APMRG may modify the program, venue/date.
To obtain the course brochure (pdf) or further course details please contact us


Earlybird (until TBC) - Standard pricing: $4,474 + GST. APMRG Member discount pricing: $3,974 + GST.
After earlybird (after TBC) - Standard pricing: $4,974 + GST. APMRG Member discount pricing: $4,474 + GST.
Includes all meals and course dinner. Accomodation or travel costs are not included. Credit card fees & charges apply.


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